Just a two-hour’s drive away, Akagera National Park is awaiting guests with savannah, papyrus swamps and three species (lion, elephant, leopard and buffalo) of the “Big Five “living in the park. The remaining species (rhino) is planned to be reintroduced shortly. Set at low altitude and sharing a border with Tanzania, Akagera has an exceptional biodiversity that also includes hippos, giraffes, zebras, various species of primates, antelopes and more than 500 bird species.


A two-hour’ drive from Kigali, the luxuriant slopes of the Volcanoes National Park Mountains form a dramatic natural setting to hat is one of the most touching and memorable wildlife experiences in the world, gorilla trekking. The exciting climb to their natural habitat in the bamboo forest offers splendid panoramic views and access to the biggest species of primates, who share 97% of their genes with human-beings. Continue to the highland forest to be surrounded by the calls of colorful birds and the chattering of rare golden monkeys.


A five-hour’ drive from the capital, Nyungwe is composed of various rain forests leading to a number of waterfalls and viewing points. Nyungwe is renowned for its affluent diversity of flora and fauna. Up to 200 tree species cohabit with 13 species of primate, including chimpanzees in the forest, along with a multitude of flowering plants, including wild begonia, more than 100 species of orchid, and amazing giant lobelias. With an altitude from 1,600m to 2,950m (5,250 to 9,680 ft), adventurous visitors can enjoy the great thrill of walking on top of the trees.


Rubavu is set on the sandy beach of Lake Kivu, one of the 20 deepest lakes in the world, lined with swaying palms that create an atmosphere of tropical tranquility. Only a three-hour’ drive from Kigali, the lake offers visitors gratifying glimpses into ancient African lifestyles with fishermen sailing the lake in traditional wooden dugout boats – a design unchanged for ages, while minstrels play the sweet melodies of music known for ages.